About Stone West

Founded in 2002, Stone West, Inc.® specializes in providing premium quality dimensional stone. Located in the beautiful California communities of Ventura and Paso Robles, our multi-acre sites showcase the largest selection of exquisite stone. Stone West stocks a diverse multi-million dollar inventory and provides exclusive offerings of rare and exotic stone from all over the world. Stone West® is also the exclusive West Coast distributor of Okite® Italian Quartz – the only full line of exceptional Italian-made quartz available in the U.S. In addition, our own line of quartz called Sunstone® provides a creative opportunity for Stone West® to blend natural and abundant quartz with colors inspired by its beachside setting and artistic clientele. Stone West also carries a full line of exterior hardscape stone and building supplies for any size exterior project.

nick_iannetta_aboutNick Iannetta
Owner and Founder

Nick Iannetta has more than 35 years of experience in the decorative stone industry. He is passionate about the beauty and history of natural stone and has acquired extensive knowledge by personally exploring numerous quarries all over the world. By building lasting relationships with quarry owners and dominant distributors worldwide, he has access to exclusive quarries offering limited rights of entry.

"The only way to procure the best and highest quality stone is through continuous research and education on the ever-changing conditions in the industry. I am committed to bringing what I consider pieces of art to my customers."

Our Distinction


With natural stone, just as with diamonds, quality matters. Quarried products range widely in value and are quality rated. Stone West® hand-selects our stone to exacting standards, purchasing only the finest that every quarry has to offer -- high-grade premium stone.


Stone West® is the Central Coast's premier natural stone supplier. A visit to our unique specialty store in Ventura showcases two and a half acres of the largest selection of exquisite stone.


By forging lasting relationships over a long career in the industry, Stone West® has worldwide access to exclusive quarries that offer only limited rights of entry.


Our solid bond with quarries, along with strong financial backing, give Stone West® the ability to stock millions of dollars in inventory and provide exclusive offerings of rare and exotic stone.